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Layton X-ray Services can help you "Go Digital".

Digital x-ray imaging is

efficient    economical    ecological

We have already made the transition to digital imaging.   Are you ready? We can help you decide.

Not ready to change yet?  Want to stick with film and chemical x-ray imaging? We can help with that,too...we provide film, chemical, accessories...all x-ray needs.

BUT...if you want to step up to state-of-the-art efficient, economical and ecological digital imaging we can help. 

Since 1956 we have worked with George's medical, veterinary, podiatric and chiropractic specialists to provide the best service possible to their patients. 

When you "go digital" you achieve many goals:

Enhanced imaging efficiency – workflow is improved and there are fewer retakes.  Image manipulation with the included software packages provides enhanced diagnostic capacity, simplicity of sending images for over-read/consultation and ease of providing a patient CD for patients to carry their radiographs with them.  View images from wherever you wish...in the x-ray department, at a central workstation, in your office, from home. 

Ecological stewardship -- no more harsh chemicals being pumped into sewer systems, no more plastic based x-ray film that must be stored in paper envelopes, no more unpleasant smells from x-ray chemicals.

Reclamation of office space –  no darkroom is needed, no film bin, no sink to clean the processor, no film storage shelves (images are stored in your computer).

Patient satisfaction-- your patients will view your practice as modern, progressive and efficient,  a reflection of being contemporary and striving to provide them the best care possible.

Contact us today -- what do you need to know about going digital? How can we help? 

We specialize in highly efficient, economical and ecological solutions to your imaging needs

Visit our digital products page for more information  or call us    770-944-2463.


We have a new digital CR system, the "Chrome", that will work very well in low to medium volume medical, veterinary, podiatric and chiropractic clinics.  The  "Chrome"digital system will process 46 each 14x17 images per hour.       

It comes with 2 ea 14x17 cassettes, computer and viewing software...a ready to go package that will bring you into the modern imaging era with minimum costs.

Other systems  are available to meet busier orthopedic, family medicine, urgent care, chiropractic and podiatric practices are available...all proven to be reliable, affordable...even remarkable!

Go to our digital page for your digital choices.