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Your Digital System -- When you invest in a digital system from Layton X-ray Services you are getting the total package. Whether you choose a PACS system or a non-PACS system the final solution to your imaging system is a coherent, integrated system that is supported as a unit.  The hardware and software are matched at iCRco and support comes from one source.  Too often, digital systems are a mix of software and hardware systems from separate manufacturers.  When a problem develops it can be very challenging to get efficient and integrated support.  With iCRco products the support elements are interactive and all have been designed to work together.  We can help you resolve any issues or you can deal directly with the manufacturer.
When you have a problem their Tech Support Department is a simple call or email away...one call does it all.  Very often Tech Support can resolve issues via remote access in a very rapid time frame.

Moving from film and chemical image processing to DIGITAL imaging:  the process can seem daunting but does not have to be difficult.  The benefits of digital imaging are myriad.

We welcome the chance to help you make the transition.  Along with iCRco, a proven, well established digital imaging innovator and U.S.A. based manufacturer, we can help you find the right digital solution for your practice.

You will improve the efficiency of your practice while vastly enhancing the image quality of your x-rays...the enhanced diagnostic capacity of digital imaging will improve the ​
​quality of health care you can offer.​

​A dependable and robust digital system will greatly enhance efficiency in your x-ray department.  Gone are the days of ordering film, chemistry, storage envelopes, filing shelf units.  Loaning x-rays (that often do not make it back to you) will no longer be an issue...you can burn a CD to let the patient take their x-rays with them.  And you can easily send images for over-read/consultation via the internet.​


CR3600 Large Format System

CR3600 - the Flagship Workhorse CR - proven rugged and dependable
CR3600 - the Flagship Workhorse CR   Perfect for ENTERING the digital world for Medium to High volume practices.
Recommended for Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Orthopedics, Veterinarians, Podiatrists, Chiropractors


iDR- direct image capture systems

iDR-17 and iDR-51 (longbone) Direct Image capture System
Recommended for Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Chiropractors when dedicated upright imaging is needed.
The iDR-17 is available in 14"x17" or 17"x17".
The iDR-51 (aka "longbone") is a seamless, high-resolution detector that offers full spine, regional, and zone scanning capabilities. This direct capture system revolutionizes how full-spine imaging is achieved.  This solution sends complete image information directly to the scan processor skipping lengthy image stitching processes.
iDR - Direct Image Capture --  Perfect for DEDICATED UPRIGHT IMAGING.

PACS Software at iCRco
Being a fully vertically integrated company, iCRco developed Clarity PACS as an integral part of their complete medical imaging solution. Clarity PACS is a new, revolutionary way of managing your digital imaging data.  

Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS designed to optimize imaging workflow and simplify image management processes, and it is fully web-enabled. It is designed to support all major modalities and includes a powerful web-viewer. What sets apart Clarity Viewer is the user friendly and sleek graphical user interface, unique tools such as report writing, very powerful CD burn and DICOM Print options, advanced image manipulation tools, support for cross sectional imaging and HL7 Integration with third party information management systems like RIS and EMR. Clarity PACS is fully HIPAA compliant and provides complete audit logs. Clarity PACS can integrate seamlessly with all other vendors’ medical imaging devices. It is DICOM 3.0 and HL7 compliant with a fully-featured DICOM Archive. Web-based Clarity PACS can support sites as small as a single physician’s office, or as large as imaging centers and hospitals. You can now view a study from anywhere in the world with the Clarity PACS web-based image viewer.

iCRco has been a medical imaging software and hardware manufacturer for almost 20 years. At iCRco we house our entire R&D, Software engineering, technical support as well as sales and marketing teams all under one roof at our headquarters in California. This makes iCRco very powerful and allows us to provide superior customer service and support while answering to our customer’s needs immediately and efficiently. iCRco provides a full line of digital imaging devices and PACS solutions offering a complete turn-key solution for your practice. You can now convert to digital imaging with peace of mind.
 Digital Imaging Support at Layton X-ray Services
We can provide service for your existing digital imaging system -- Agfa, Carestream, Kodak, Konica, Fuji, etc.