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Sound beginnings -- consistent learning -- partners in serving.  We help you provide the most efficient and responsible care for your patients.  From "old school" cellulose film to modern computerized digital imaging Layton X-ray has been a key provider of imaging service for Atlanta's doctors.


Photo of W.T. Layton, Jr., R.T. All rights reserved; may only be used/copied/linked with permission.

Complete X-ray Services - digital imaging - emergency service - training - film - chemistry - accessories - physicist services - relocation - room design - shielding services - digital x-ray for rent

Layton X-ray™ offers a full line of the goods and services needed to help make your x-ray department reliable and efficient whether you are an analog facility (film, chemicals, x-ray processors, monthly maintenance, etc.) or a digital imaging facility.
We are the original Layton X-ray Services, Inc., started by Tom Layton, pictured above in the year 1951 as a new, 19 year old x-ray technician at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, GA (now known as Atlanta Medical Center).  In 1956, as a sideline to his position as a young x-ray technician, he started the first x-ray solution service in Atlanta.  We have evolved over the years as the world of x-ray has developed from hand-dipped film to digital imaging.
The transition from analog to digital imaging can be daunting...we can help you with the information you need to make good decisions about your transition to digital imaging.

Honest, reliable and consistent service from Atlanta's first x-ray service company is available now from Layton X-ray.

We offer emergency service for your x-ray equipment, digital imaging equipment, physicist services, x-ray room design, x-ray shielding, accessories, etc.

We provide State of Georgia mandated safety TRAINING for your personnel, for Medical, Chiropractic, Podiatric, Veterinary and Industrial applications.

We provide guidance, consultation and equipment for new installations and relocations.

Layton X-ray
has USED x-ray EQUIPMENT and accessories to help get new practices started.

Layton X-ray
has available a digital CR FOR RENT if your current digital unit is being serviced.

Financing/leasing:  we can help find a way to afford the transition from analog/film imaging to digital/computerized imaging.  Contact us for details.


You can e-mail us at:  laytonxray@gmail.com